Our Guide to Cheap Domain Name Registrations

One of the biggest expenses in building and operating a Private Blog Network is the domain name registrations. Those monthly domain name renewal bills add up quickly, so it’s important to find the registrars with the cheapest domain name registrations and renewals to include in the mix of registrars that you have your domains with….

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Top 3 WordPress Site Management Plugins

Own lots of WordPress domains? Managing them can be quite a mess, and today we’ll be giving you a rundown of the three best plugins that can make the process just that little bit easier and convenient. 1. MainWP Cost: Freemium, with paid extensions for extra features MainWP is the first entry on our list,…

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Top 5 WordPress migration plugins

Looking to migrate your WordPress installations across your domains/hosts? We’ll give you a quick rundown of the top 5 plugins that you can use today. 1. UpdraftPlus Cost: Free version, Premium starts at $70, goes up to $145 depending on license type UpdraftPlus is the first plugin on this list that we recommend that you take…

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Troubleshooting WordPress blank/white page or HTTP errors

Ever find that your site isn’t loading? Blank page? HTTP Errors? You can then follow through with this guide and troubleshoot to fix your WordPress domains. Checking your error_log Option 1. A general rule of thumb when you are troubleshooting your WordPress domains is to always check what is appearing in your error_log first. You will generally…

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Top 5 WordPress Image Compression Plugins, Free & Paid

When adding images to your domains, you may find that it can chew up and go through your allocated bandwidth quickly. It can also cause site load times to be slow, and could turn potential visitors away. An efficient way of stopping this is by using WordPress plugins to compress those images and make it…

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How to reset WordPress password using phpMyAdmin

Sometimes, resetting your password via WordPress can be a bit difficult. There is an alternative to doing it through WordPress, and that is going through phpMyAdmin instead. Follow the steps below and you should be able to reset your WordPress passwords. First, you need to login to your cPanel. We now want to navigate to…

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How to remove the Easy Blog Networks core plugin

If you’ve been a previous customer of Easy Blog Networks, you may find that you have the EBN core plugin installed on your domain. This guide will show you how to remove it. First, you want to login to your domains cPanel. Then, you want to navigate to your domains File Manager. It is listed under…

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How to flush your DNS Cache on Windows/Mac/Linux

One of the most common errors you will run into when failing to load your domain is related to your DNS cache. Your connection will cache (store) the old version of the domain and if you then make changes, you may be stuck seeing the old version. One of the main culprits for this is changing…

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How to FTP into your sites using FileZilla

One of the most common ways to FTP into your site is using a program called FileZilla. You can download FileZilla at the following link: Once you have installed and opened FileZilla, you will be shown the screen like below From here, we will make a permanent entry for your domain. To do so, click…

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Privacy Error when logging into cPanel

When logging into your cPanel via your Dashboard, you may come across a privacy error telling you that your connection is not secure like below; This is normal and it is a SSL certificate error, because the certificate is based against the server’s domain and not the IP address used in your dashboard. To continue past this…

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