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Class C Hosting Service

If you’ve built a PBN to boost the success of your money site, by now you’re sure to have turned your attention to PBN hosting.

However, you can’t expect every host to offer the same quality of PBN hosting. There are some methods that still elude many hosting companies, but are crucial in safely hosting your PBN. You need a PBN host that knows the importance of your PBN sites blending in with real sites, and having other sites that aren’t PBNs on their IPs. One of the main methods of SEO hosting is Class C Hosting, also known as multiple IP hosting.

At Bulk Buy Hosting, we offer hosting on many IPs from over 40 providers, all from the one account, to reduce cost and simplifying the process of growing your PBN. With this service, you’ll be able to build your private blog network with ease, while growing the traffic and revenue on your money site.

But let’s take it one step at a time. What is a class C IP address? What exactly is multiple IP hosting? And what are the advantages of signing up for this service? Allow us to guide you through the answers one at a time in the following sections.

What Is a Class C IP Address?

Since the conception of the Internet, more or less, IP addresses have been divided into several classes. This division was dubbed a classful network. This method divides all IP addresses into five main IP classes in relation to the leading first four address bits. The first three classes – classes A, B, and C have unicast addresses for networks. The difference between these three is size (each class is devoted to a different sized network). Class D is devoted to multicast networking, while the class E IP address category is reserved for research and experimental purposes. Note that this division was introduced for IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4), which is still used alongside the newer IPv6.

Here’s a general overview of the five classes, with special attention to Class C:

Class A IP address range: from 0 to 127 in the first byte. This class is designed for the biggest sized networks, so it’s used by large companies like AOL or Google.

Class B IP address range: from 128 to 191 in the first byte. This class is devoted for use by medium-sized networks, and thus medium-sized companies.

Class C IP address range: from 192 to 223 in the first byte. This class is designed for small-sized networks, and thus small-sized companies. Keep in mind that small doesn’t mean neighborhood-flower-shop-small. They do have a wide range! Even when they were originally conceived, the 8 bits available in the host field, allowed Class C networks to contain 256 IP addresses, of which 254 would be the maximum number of hosts. This class is great for boosting SEO and getting positioned higher in the SERPs. Today, they’re mostly used by PBN and SEO hosting websites, as well as bloggers and businesses. So yes, small, but only in terms of what big can mean on the internet.

Class D IP address range: from 224 to 239 in the first byte. This class is devoted to multicast addressing, and isn’t designed for or used by the public sector.

Class E IP address range: from 240 to 255 in the first byte. Devoted to research and experimental purposes.

Having a Class C network can help you build backlinks and boost your money site’s visibility. In other words, you’ll be able to have smaller websites that have content and relevant links to your target (money) website. Plus, you’ll be able to rank higher in SERPs and have better search engine listings. By having Class C IP addresses from countries all over, you can easily implement geo-targeting to various geographic locations, thus expanding your customer base and your business.

So the next question is…

What Is Multiple IP Hosting?

Multiple IP hosting, or C Class hosting, is basically hosting your websites through C Class networks which contain IP addresses from various countries across the globe, which will allow you to make your sites all look unrelated and pass the most link juice to your money site. It gives you the ease of having all websites through one provider for billing, whilst still having different servers and a mix of providers for your PBNs.

In fact, Class C hosting is one of the best ways to build your SEO rankings. By spreading your PBN across a class C IP network with unique IPs, which also means multiple domain names and global coverage, you’d be able to boost your SEO and generate more traffic to your oney site.

With our services, you’d be able to simultaneously host on many IPs from over 40 providers, all from a single Bulk Buy Hosting account.

Benefits of Using a Class C Hosting Service

Here are the main benefits of using a Class C hosting service for your PBN. You’ll find that when it comes to PBN SEO, Class C hosting can prove to be indispensable.

  1. Using a unique IP address for each website. There are a couple of reasons why it’s a good idea to have a unique IP address for each website. The first reason is, having multiple backlinks from sites sharing the same IP address will cause the links to be devalued by search engines. However, when you give each website its own IP address, you get the maximum link juice! The second reason why having a unique IP for each website is a benefit is that it can save all your websites from being penalized. When lots of websites are hosted on the same IP and one of them becomes penalized for spam or malware, all other websites sharing its IP address may share in the punishment. Having a unique IP for each website will prevent blanket penalties from reaching all your websites.
  2. Leave no hosting footprint while managing multiple domains. Unfortunately, PBNs aren’t search engines’ favorite way of boosting your SEO. That’s why sometimes, PBNs get penalized as cross-linking networks or blog farms. However, using Class C hosting will hide your PBN hosting footprint by giving various unique IPs to all your websites. And trust us, we do everything right in order to avoid footprints.
  3. Great for SEO. Have we not mentioned how great for SEO Class C hosting is? Not only can you create a network of footprint-free websites that lead back to your money site, but you can also boost your SEO both internationally and locally, thanks to the geographically distributed IP addresses.
  4. We’re a WordPress-friendly SEO hosting provider. Is WordPress your go-to CMS? It’s ours, too! Our hosting services are optimized for WordPress users, so you won’t experience any unexpected difficulties using our hosting services simultaneously to building your websites on WP.
  5. Single control panel to manage all your domains. At Bulk Buy Hosting, we provide you with a single control panel to manage all your domains. No more clutter, no more confusion. We made it easy and simple. You can manage everything from a single account.
  6. Free migrations. If migrating a single website to a new host is a minor hassle, then migrating an entire network of websites is an avalanche of work. Luckily, we’ll do this for you, and we’ll do it for free!

A Few Final Words on Class C Hosting

A bad web hosting package can often be the culprit of why Google detects your footprint and you get penalized. At Bulk Buy Hosting, we take matters quite seriously and dedicate much work and attention to making sure your website doesn’t only stay afloat, but soars!

Our quality service will make sure that our SEO-friendly hosting services will help you rank very well on search engines. One of the ways that we can help you do this is through our Class C hosting, or Multiple IP hosting, service. Considering all the benefits you can enjoy –  like better SEO, a footprint-worry-free online existence, and the simplicity of managing all your sites from a single panel – Class C hosting seems to be a must-have for PBN users.

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