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Still not convinced? Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say:

Bulk Buy Hosting is the best thing since sliced bread. They offer Free SSL certificates and their support is very quick to reply. I'd give it ten stars if I could.
Jayson L.
Customer since October 2023
I was impressed with the excellent service that I received, and my problem was fixed in about 30 minutes. Thank you so much! Excellent service 👏
Laurence S.
Customer since December 2015
It’s great - I really like the service. The ability to order PBN builds is nice. The dashboard tracking the DA is also good. The ability to push sites to other users is super handy too.
Simon H.
Customer since Jan 2023
Bulk Buy Hosting has been an amazing resource for us. The bulk deploy ability features are amazing. Being able to hide in plain sight makes it a go to for our premium network domains. Kevin is a feature focused business owner and we look forward to seeing what else he incorporates. 100% recommended.
Joash B.
Customer since January 2017
I started with the 5 accounts package to test the water initially and now I have moved some of my sites to Bulk Buy Hosting and will be moving more sites as my network expands. Kevin and his team have been quick at providing support and answering all my questions. The customer support is yet another reason why BBH has been my pick compared to other services.
Joshua S.
Customer since August 2016
Bulk Buy Hosting has been working very well for hosting my PBN network. It is affordable, easy to use and the uptime is decent.
Simon T.
Customer since May 2016
I have tried several PBN hosting companies over the past year. Bulk Buy Hosting by far blows the others away as far as quality and customer service. The hosting is perfect for my PBN’s and 100% are still up and running. Any problems that I have had they have dealt with. These problems were usually caused by me. Thanks Bulk Buy for making this easy to use and to keep track of all my PBNs.
Richard T.
Customer since July 2016
Whenever I’ve had any kind of problem, the guys from Bulk Buy Hosting were there to help me out. For me, this is the kind of enthusiasm any business should strive for to achieve true customer satisfaction. And all that comes with a reasonable pricing according to your individual needs. You really get the whole package here.
Eduard S.
Customer since October 2016
Working with Bulk Buy Hosting has been a very pleasurable experience. I’ve found their service to be beneficial to my business in hosting my various websites easily and accessible from one admin area. Whenever I have a specific request, problem or question, they always reply in a prompt manner and help me quickly. Thanks BBH!
Vu T.
Customer since July 2016
Since being with Bulk Buy Hosting from the launch, I’ve been nothing but impressed with the service. Having all my PBN’s managed from one place but spread out amongst credible hosts is a Godsend. Saves the headache of figuring out how to hide from Google. Support has been super responsive too usually getting my technical issues sorted in no time. I’ll looking to move most of my Private Blog Network to Bulk Buy Hosting soon.
Tim S.
Customer since December 2015
I've started using Bulk Buy Hosting for some sites within my personal network, and I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations. It covers all of the basics - unique IPs, nameservers, etc., but it goes beyond that to provide easy and convenient access to the cPanel, great organization, and even important domain metrics at a glance. When it comes time to scale there are plenty of options for upgrading my plan. The price is great too!
Zach L.
Customer since March 2019
Our company has used a great number of hosting providers over our many years of providing online solutions for commercial businesses. In our lengthy experience, I have to congratulate Kevin and his team for their dedication to providing an outstanding technical service.

The customer support from Bulk Buy Hosting is far superior to anything I have encountered in my 20+ years as an Internet professional. Their response time is amazing, and they go above-and-beyond all expectations with their technical support.
John C.
Customer since August 2019
Very happy with my experience with using Bulk Buy Hosting. Quick to setup, keeps everything separate and have checked the IPs thoroughly, they are clean.
Allan T.
Customer since October 2020
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Why Use Managed PBN Hosting?

Staying on top of all your managerial tasks when dealing with various hosting accounts can be difficult. Bulk Buy Hosting is an all-in-one platform that caters to your managerial needs by allowing you to access all your hosting accounts on one dashboard. We use a large pool of hosting companies that provide us with reseller accounts which we use to host our client’s PBNs. This means that all your websites will be hosted in different data centers, all with their own unique IP addresses.

Furthermore, by making use of our services, you can pay all of your monthly hosting bills at the same time and have a singular point of contact between you and all the hosting companies you use. By accessing your hosting accounts through our unique dashboard, you simplify hosting management by successfully growing and overseeing your online business without any fuss.

The Benefits of Using Popular Hosting Providers

We ensure that there are no footprints leading back to your PBN by making use of a wide variety of popular hosting providers. This allows your network to blend in seamlessly alongside normal, everyday websites.

By placing a limited number of accounts on any one server or IP, we make sure that your website is hosted alongside other sites using the same hosting provider. This ensures that your PBN is hosted among genuine web sites which will help to keep your network safe and secure.

Managing Your Network

Our custom built dashboard simplifies accessibility when it comes to managing and checking in on your various hosting accounts. Managing all your accounts on one platform can save you lots of valuable time and resources, which is why our dashboard allows for accessing individual hosting account IP addresses, default cPanel usernames, and account passwords.

The Importance of Individual IPs

An IP is an online address that identifies the server used to host your website. Multiple websites with similar IP addresses points to them all being owned by one person. This is a dangerous footprint and can alert Google that your sites, are in fact, part of a private blog network.

Apart from this, other problems like bad IP neighborhoods can also attract negative attention from Google. Once Google is aware that your PBN is part of a link building network, all of your websites may disappear seemingly overnight. To combat this, we use popular hosting providers that provide you with separate cPanel accounts. This ensures that each account is owned by the hosting company and comes with its own unique IP address.

Why Use Bulk Buy Hosting?

Bulk Buy Hosting provides a PBN hosting solution that is reliable, safe and affordable. By making use of popular shared hosting providers, we offer a zero-footprint hosting alternative that will give you the opportunity to successfully grow and manage your personal blog network. Our various hosting plans give you the unique hosting solution you need, with the flexibility of upgrading or downgrading to a different plan as your business grows.