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The Typical Problem with PBN Hosting:

If you’re looking for a large number of hosting accounts, then you’ve typically had a few options.

  1. Sign up for a lot of cheap hosts, manage a big spreadsheet of all of your accounts, and then hope they don’t go down. You’ll have a lot of PayPal invoices coming in each month, and if you forget to pay one of them, your site will go down. Or perhaps the host will just disappear overnight. It’s a nightmare.
  2. Use an SEO hosting provider, who only sell their services to SEOs and therefore place your site alongside a lot of low quality sites and hope your sites don’t get penalised.
  3. Use a reseller account from HostNine, and end up with a big footprint on your network because all of those IPs that make up your network are owned by the one provider – that doesn’t look very natural.
  4. Sign up with premium hosts and pay $5 per month for each site that you’re hosting.

None of these options are perfect. We’re hoping to change that for you with what we believe to be the best hosting offer available by offering premium hosts without the premium price tag.

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Our Solution – The Best PBN Hosting Service:

We use reseller accounts with popular hosting providers to provide you with premium hosting from a large panel of providers like HostGator, NameHero and InterServer – but without the premium price tag that is usually associated with those services. As a member of Bulk Buy Hosting, you get access to these accounts from one easy-to-manage dashboard.

  • One Point of Contact & One Monthly Bill: Rather than dealing with a large number of small hosting companies directly, we make it easy to have lots of small hosting accounts with one point of contact and one monthly bill.
  • Central, Custom Built Dashboard: See the IP addresses, default cPanel username and passwords and your site’s name servers all in the one spot. No need to go fishing through your e-mails.
  • Up to 200 Hosting Accounts: We make it easy to manage and grow your network – upgrade to a bigger plan as your needs increase. If you need to scale larger than that, we recommend our sister service, LaunchCDN, which was designed to scale to thousands of domains per customer.
  • We Offer More Disk and Bandwidth: Members get 1GB of disk space and 20GB of Monthly Bandwidth on each hosting account.
  • Full cPanel or DirectAdmin Access: This means you can create mailboxes or email forwarders, upload a HTML site, or use any CMS of your choice. One-click installers make it easy to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other popular web script.

Here’s an example of our Member Dashboard:


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Safeguards to Protect Your PBN:

  • Premium Hosting Providers – We have reseller accounts with large, popular hosting providers. This means your sites will be hosted alongside quality websites.
  • Popular Name Servers – We use the generic name servers provided by reseller hosting providers, which means that your site will be using the same name servers as hundreds or thousands of other sites.
  • Limit on Domains Per Server – Unlike other SEO hosts who sell the all of the available space on their reseller accounts to SEOs, we place a limited number of accounts on any one server or IP. The rest, generally between 250-1500+, belong to other customers of the providers that we use. That way, your site will be hosted alongside genuine web sites.
  • IP Ownership & Range Diversity – Not only will you get unique IPs for each hosting account, you’ll also get diversity in the ownership of those IPs, as they are owned by the various reseller providers (HostGator, ResellerClub, NameHero, etc) – something that you won’t get if you only use a HostNine reseller account for all of your sites.
  • Hosted With Genuine Sites – Because we buy our server space from popular reseller providers, the sites that share an IP address with you are more likely to be genuine sites – you don’t get that if your host runs Virtual Private Servers with Amazon, DigitalOcean, Vultr and Linode because they have dedicated IP addresses which are exclusively used by their clients, putting your site in a “bad neighborhood”.
  • Different Data Centers – Because we have a large panel of hosting companies providing reseller accounts to us, your sites will be hosted in a large number of different data centers. We mostly have US based servers, but we do have a small number of UK/EU based servers for diversity.

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