We’ve created this page to share other resources that we think are useful to your business as an affiliate marketer or SEO services business.

PBN Site Builds and Content

PBN Builds integrates with your Bulk Buy Hosting account to make it easy to order beautiful PBN site builds that are designed to pass manual reviews, and their annual content service which includes 12 months of articles, scheduled to be published inside your WordPress site.

Visit PBN Builds to Order PBN Site Builds and Content

High Performance WordPress VPS Hosting

For WordPress Hosting for your money sites, we recommend:

WP Bolt has a range of high performance WordPress VPS Hosting plans to suit your needs. VPS servers tuned for WordPress, a global CDN and a great 24×7 support team to help you with your WordPress sites.

Visit WP Bolt for to sign up for WordPress VPS Hosting 

cPanel Hosting and Domain Registration

For cPanel Hosting and Domain Registrations for your money sites, we recommend:

Domain Name Sanity has a range of cPanel Hosting plans and domain extensions to suit your needs. Their 24×7 support team make it a breeze to set up your web site.

Visit Domain Name Sanity for to sign up for Web Hosting 

Domain Registration

For domain registrations, we use and recommend the following registrars:

NameSilo offers Free WHOIS privacy protection for life and extremely cheap domains – $8.99 for .com

BONUS: Use coupon BBH for $1 off on one order per account!

Visit NameSilo and Register/Transfer Domains

Content Writing Services


We use HireWriters when we’re looking for content writers – basic PBN content can be had for as little as $14 for between 2000-3000 words, which is enough “starter” content for most PBNs based on their recommended pricing for an open job that can be picked up by any writer on their service.

Recommended pricing is $3.25 for a 301-500 word article or $4.62 for a 501-700 words, perfect for additional blog content or link articles. You can also offer any price that you want to their writers.

In order to get the best out of HireWriters, you should build a list of favorite writers and create private jobs once you’ve found some good writers who have picked up your open jobs.

Visit HireWriters and Get Content Written

12 Months of blog posts, scheduled in your WordPress dashboard to keep your PBN fresh and keep Google’s crawlers coming back to your site.

Visit PBN Builds to Order PBN Content

Web Analytics and Tracking

Google Analytics leaves a footprint that can tie all of your sites together, and make it easy for them (or any competitor) to find all of your sites. This is why we use Clicky – it creates a unique tracking code for each site, and the analytics that it offers are much more user friendly than Google Analytics.

Visit Clicky and Get Premium Analytics For Your Sites

Finding Expired Domains

PBN Lab is your own personal expired domain crawler, hosted in the cloud. They’ve spent a tonne of time and worked with a number of big names in the internet marketing space to perfect their crawler, which automatically brings in metrics from Majestic and Moz, plus checks for domain availability – and all of that is included in the monthly service fee.

Visit PBN Lab and Start Scraping for your Own Domains Today!


PBN HQ is a marketplace for expired domains that have already had their history fully checked for spam and other undesirable content, making their domains ready to use. Once you buy the name of a domain from PBN HQ (most are $10-$15 each), you then register it with your favorite domain registrar, like Namesilo or Namecheap.

Visit PBN HQ and pick up some expired domains cheaply and easily

SpamZilla is the ultimate tool to check Expired and Auction domains for Spam. Filter quickly based on metrics, keywords, categories, link sources and more. Automated spam checks based on the site’s backlinks, content and more. Save time when hunting for domains, and let their systems flag and remove all of the bad domains.

Visit SpamZilla to speed up your search for new domains