Private Blog Network
Hosting & Building Service

Bulk Buy Hosting customers get access to our integration with PBN Builds. You can simply order website design builds straight from your dashboard from $40/site – a 33% saving over their regular list price of $60.

Most website builders who offer this sort of service will charge $150+ for each site build. At Bulk Buy Hosting, we are focused on providing meaningful value additions to our platform which is why we can offer this service at such a low price.

The process to order a website is very simple, while in your dashboard you can bulk order using the “Order PBN Builds” button or click “More” on the individual website and “Order PBN Build”.

Our PBN builds include:

  • High quality premium themes and plugins
  • Well designed logos
  • High quality stock images and videos
  • Custom handwritten content
  • leveraged content
  • All default pages

About Our Done-For-You PBN Packages

Are you looking for a way to boost your SEO rankings? Have you used some common SEO techniques that don’t seem to work for you or take too much time to give you results? If you are looking for alternative methods to reach your goals, you should try a grey hat SEO technique.

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is one such Grey Hat SEO technique you can use to increase your online exposure, grow your organic traffic and have control over your link building strategy. A PBN will give you the chance to not depend on others and save money on other marketing strategies. Not to mention the boost in rankings when done correctly.

If you choose to invest in a Private Blog Network, the PBN hosting provider you are going to choose has a huge impact on the success of your network. Bulk Buy Hosting is a great option which offers you safe, affordable and easy PBN hosting plans. We also include a service which offers you a completely built PBN.

PBN Building

If you want your Private Blog Network to be created from the very beginning and not just hosted, we at Bulk Buy Hosting offer you that option as well.

Simply purchase relevant domain names from a marketplace such as SEO.Domains, PBN HQ or ODYS.Global, add them to your Bulk Buy Hosting account, and click the “Order PBN Builds” button. Our team will install WordPress for you and build the site, including the logo, some starter content and a great design. Plus you’ll get a discounted price on your site build by being a Bulk Buy Hosting customer.

PBN Hosting

If you want to choose an option from our PBN hosting plans you can have from 10 to 350 domains, which can be upgraded or downgraded anytime. If you choose one of our hosting plans you’ll get:

  • One monthly bill for as many domains you choose to host through our service;
  • One dashboard to manage all your websites;
  • Full cPanel access to create mailboxes, email forwarders, and where you can use a CMS of your choice or upload an HTML site;
  • 20 GB bandwidth per domain;
  • 1 GB disk space per domain;
  • One-click install of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or other popular web scripts.

Why Should You Choose Our Private Blog Network Service?

Simply put, we’ve been working in the industry since 2014 as affiliate marketers and launched Bulk Buy Hosting out of our frustration of dealing with the hosting for our own Private Blog Network. We know everything there is to know about hosting and potential footprints which is why we are confident to provide a thorough done-for-you service.

A PBN is a connection of multiple websites which are created to increase the authority of your money site. This is done through backlinks. This way your money site will eventually get noticed from search engines and you’ll get a higher Google ranking. This grey hat SEO technique isn’t fully accepted by Google’s webmaster guidelines, however, it’s a very effective way to get results fast.

The safety of your network is closely connected with its success. So, if your PBN is meticulously created and hosted by a quality provider, it won’t get easily discovered by the spam removal teams at search engines. If your network doesn’t get penalized or deindexed, it’ll most likely be successful. The key for the success of your PBN sites from the very start is the creation of the network itself. As long as you let professionals handle the creation and hosting of your PBN, you won’t be at risk.

Our service is an affordable, safe and easy option to host your PBN, which offers you all the features that other providers lack to include in their offer. If you choose Bulk Buy Hosting to build your PBN for you, the whole process of creating a network will be done for you – from beginning to end.

We use popular hosting providers to host your network. So, you will enjoy the services of host companies such as HostGator, NameHero and ChemiCloud for an affordable price. What is more, all of your accounts will be accessible through one dashboard!

What Does Our PBN Building Service Offer You?

Let’s face it – building a PBN requires a lot of time and effort. That’s the reason why some website owners like to have all of this done for them. So, instead of putting all of their time and effort into a PBN, website owners focus on their money sites, and let someone else take care of their SEO.
Once you have a PBN that is authentically built, having all the accessible features, it’ll be easier for you to manage things. If you choose to build a PBN with Bulk Buy Hosting, here’s what we are going to offer you:

  • One Monthly Bill – If you choose different hosting providers for your PBN sites, you’ll get several different bills at the end of the month. But instead of complicating things, we offer you the chance to have your websites hosted on reputable hosting providers for an affordable price and only one monthly bill.
  • One Dashboard – The central and custom-built dashboard offers you the opportunity to have the IP addresses, cPanel username and passwords, and your website’s nameservers all in one place plus one click access to cPanel. The easy access you get makes everything simple!
  • More Disk and Bandwidth Than Our Competitors – You’ll get 1 GB disk space and 20GB bandwidth per site with our service.
  • Up to 350 Websites – You can upgrade your network and have up to 350 websites that will be created and hosted by us. If you want your PBN to grow, and to add extra cPanel accounts in your network, we offer discounts for existing members.
  • Full cPanel Access – This feature gives you the opportunity to use a CMS of your choice, and has one-click installers which make it easy to install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. You can also create mailboxes and email forwarders.

Why Does Our PBN Building Service Help You Succeed?

To find out whether a PBN will be successful or not, it has to be actually put into practice. The PBN has served its purpose once it starts bringing results to your money site, increasing your SEO ranking.

However, the two main features of a successful PBN are safety and authenticity. These two are crucial if you want to avoid getting caught by Google. At Bulk Buy Hosting, the safeguards which protect your PBN are:

  • Premium Hosting Providers – We offer hosting on popular hosting providers, which means that all of your PBN websites will get a quality web host, like most other regular sites.
  • A Limit on Domains Per Server – Only a limited amount of accounts will be placed on one server or IP. Not all of the space on our servers is sold to PBNs. In fact, around 250 to 1500 belong to the customers of the providers we use. So, your PBN will be hosted with genuine sites.
  • Hosting with Genuine Sites – Our server space is supplied by popular hosting providers, which means that if your website will be hosted with genuine sites. Other hosting providers don’t offer this opportunity to mix your sites with genuine sites. One large competitor only has dedicated IP addresses, used exclusively by the PBN owners using their sites, which means your websites are at a higher risk of getting noticed. They will be hosted on IPs which host only PBNs and your network will be in a “bad neighbourhood”.
  • Popular Name Servers – Bulk Buy Hosting builds your network using generic nameservers by reseller hosting providers. The nameservers you’re going to use will be the same as the nameservers that many genuine sites use.
  • IP Ownership and Range Diversity – For each account you’re going to get a unique IP address. Also, the ownership of the IPs will be different, because they are owned by several reseller providers, such as: HostGator, NameHero, ChemiCloud, etc.
  • Different Data Centers – Your websites will be hosted in different data centers, because we have US, UK and EU servers. We’ve achieved this type of diversity through a large panel of hosting companies which offer reseller accounts to us.

Once your network is authentic and safe, you can start providing your money site with backlinks. Since your websites won’t be connected in any way, other than by linking to the same target site, your backlinks will look like genuine backlinks from hundreds of independent bloggers. If you choose one of our footprint-free hosting plans, the first results should be evident within the first 30-90 days depending on how you’ve linked to your money site.

What Does the Process of Building a PBN Look Like?

If you want Bulk Buy Hosting to create your Private Blog Network, we’ll walk you through the whole process of how your PBN will be done for you. In the process of creating and hosting your PBN, you have complete control over your network.

1. A Simple Application Form

You can find all the information concerning the packages and offers we have on our website. Once you decide on your hosting plan of choice, you can sign up and fill in a simple order form. The whole process is very easy – instead of bothering you with time-consuming order forms, we only need the most important information from you.

2. Reputable Domain Names

PBNs should be created using domain names with history, because they have more power than new domain names. This is a practice which enables your PBN to get credits for the linking history of the existing domain. However, it’s important to only buy domain names which haven’t been penalized in the past, because your network will be in trouble.

3. Authentic Websites

All of the websites within your PBN will be created in exactly the same way real websites are created, so they can be as authentic as possible. When it comes to creating websites in your network, we guarantee that you can expect quality from our experts.

4. Fresh Content

When it comes to ranking, the content on your website plays an important role. That’s why using new, original and creative content is one of the worthiest long-term investments. We at Bulk Buy Hosting know that and we are dedicated to building your PBN sites using valuable content. Copying or duplicating content is no way to create websites that are supposed to be successful in the long run.

5. Unique Logo

We’ll put as much effort into creating a logo for every site of your Private Blog Network as you’d put into creating a logo for your money site. Having a unique and professional logo design for your PBN sites will eliminate any doubt that the websites aren’t real. Every genuine website would invest in their logo design hiring a designer, and so do we – for each and every PBN site we create for you.

6. Relevant Images and Videos

All the images and videos that we use for your PBN are high-quality media. We make sure that the visuals are relevant to the content of the page and the niche industry you’re in. Sometimes, visuals can drive more organic traffic to your websites than the primary content. That’s why they are an important asset in your PBN.

7. Several Web Pages

Each website of your PBN will have several different default pages, such as a Home page, an About Us page, Terms of Service, a Blog, and a Contact Us Page. So, if you choose us to build your network, your websites won’t only have one landing page, but you can expect each of them to have several pages. In each page, we’ll add content relevant to the website, to your network and users. You can also request to have extra content added during the order process.

8. Hosting Service

The final step in the process, after sourcing some quality domain names and creating authentic websites, is the hosting service we offer for your PBN. How and on which providers your websites are going to be hosted has a lot to do with your network’s “bright future”. So, when it comes to hosting, we offer security and diversity for an affordable price.

PBN Hosting vs PBN Building

No matter which type of service you choose, Bulk Buy Hosting will ensure you get quality and safety most of all. Our hosting plans can cover the tracks of your PBN from search engines, while our PBN building service means you can be completely hands-off. By limiting the number of domains on a certain server, your sites will be secure and protected.

Once you have your own Private Blog Network, you won’t have to put your time, effort and resources into any other link building strategies. On the contrary, you’ll have control over when and how often you’re going to provide your money site with backlinks from your network. Instead of finding a site you can trust, you can easily pick any from your network.

And the most important thing of all – you’ll know that each one of your sites is credible and safe.

PBN Building Q&A

How Long Does It Take to See the Results of a PBN?

About 75% of the websites which will get a PBN see SEO improvement one to two months after establishing it. If you’re familiar with white hat SEO techniques, we’re sure you already know that this is quite a short period of time to get any results. Since PBNs are a grey hat SEO technique, they make it possible for you to experience effective results by using your network as a shortcut.

Is There a Minimum Number of Sites I Should Have in My PBN?

There isn’t a set number of sites your network should consist of. There actually isn’t a minimum, but as a rule of thumb 7 to 10 websites is what the smallest PBNs consist of. The scale of your network mainly depends on your competitors and goals, besides, you can always upgrade or downgrade it. To start things off, however, we suggest you start with around 10 websites and then expand if this technique works for you.

How Can I Add a Domain to My Account?

You can simply log into your account, and choose the option “Add Domain” on your dashboard. Your request will be processed within 5 minutes. By clicking this button you can add a domain, and we’ll supply the rest including cPanel username, passwords, nameservers and IP addresses.

What If the Site Isn’t Loading?

This isn’t something which will happen frequently because we make sure all of our websites experience 99.9% uptime. However if something if any of your websites fails to load at any given time, check the guide “Help! My Site Isn’t Loading” to learn how you can fix the issue.

Does Bulk Buy Host Static HTML, WordPress and Other CMS?

Our solution is based on the regular cPanel account system, which gives you the opportunity to host static HTML sites, WordPress sites or other CMS systems. All of this will be available to you through a single account.

Will Other People Post on My Sites?

Once the whole process of creating your PBN is complete and you proceed with your payment, the websites are your own – and you can do whatever you like with them. You can sell links from your sites if you like, or you can keep them exclusively for your own sites.

How Frequently Should I Post on My PBN sites?

Posting on your PBN sites should be regular and it should look natural. This means that you should post on your websites as much as you would on your money site. As a rule of thumb, make sure you have at least one post a month for each of your websites.

How Long Will It Take You to Complete My Order?

Bulk Buy Hosting will need 7 to 10 working days to complete your order for a site build. Hosting accounts are set up instantly after payment.

Is There a Chance for Revision?

Once your order is completed and your PBN delivered, you get one revision included. Extra work is at $40/hr.

What Will Happen If I Cancel the Monthly Payment?

If you choose to cancel the monthly payment, all the sites which are hosted by us will no longer have the service available. You will still have the PBN that we have created for you, however, it won’t be available on the Internet without hosting. You can easily migrate to another host like any other website.

How Can I Upgrade My Plan?

You can easily upgrade your plan. First, you should log into your account and dashboard and select the option “Change Plan”. You can choose to upgrade your plan there. The discount will be automatically calculated for you and once the new bill is created, your old one will be canceled.

Do You Offer the Chance for Addon Domains?

Our service doesn’t allow addon domains, because our hosting accounts are limited to one domain per account. This is because we like to know the exact number of PBNs on each of our servers. In the end, this is also better for yourself, because only this way your site can blend in with the others and look like a real site.

Can I Monetize My Site?

You can monetize any site from your PBN. This can be easily done by placing AdSense, Amazon or a CPA offer or through selling links. Nevertheless, you should have in mind that this may compromise your website’s safety. If this practice leaves a footprint, you should avoid it.