Top 3 WordPress Site Management Plugins

Own lots of WordPress domains? Managing them can be quite a mess, and today we’ll be giving you a rundown of the three best plugins that can make the process just that little bit easier and convenient.

1. MainWP

Cost: Freemium, with paid extensions for extra features

MainWP is the first entry on our list, and it’s the plugin that we recommend the most. MainWP is far more convenient and easier to use than the other plugins found on this list, but a few of them may come down to preference.

MainWP is a free self-hosted WordPress site management plugin, that also comes with optional paid extensions to unlock extra features. It allows you to manage most aspects of your WordPress domains, including things such as; Scheduled backups, content management, and global real-time uptime monitoring for all of your domains.  The list goes on with the features that they offer, but we like to try and keep it short.

To summarise, this is the plugin that we recommend the most because we feel it is the easiest and most intuitive management tool on this list. The extra extensions that you can pay for are completely optional, however the ones they do offer are definitely something we recommend that you take a look at.


2. InfiniteWP

Cost: Freemium, with their opt-in addon service starting at $147 for 10 domains, up to $647 for unlimited domains

InfiniteWP is another free self hosted, multiple WordPress site management solution. It simplifies your WordPress tasks and aims to break down the process for you.

InfiniteWP has the ability to use one master login for unlimited WordPress domains, and a central admin panel to update all of them at the same time.
Just like MainWP, InfiniteWP has optional paid services to unlock extra features. The difference between this one and MainWP, is that it runs in WordPress itself, and the extra addons are a yearly subscription based service, whereas MainWP is a single purchase buy for each addon.

This plugin is a close second in our recommendations, so we think you should take a look. It has all the features that MainWP offers, however we at Bulk Buy Hosting prefer the simplicity of MainWP.

3. ManageWP

Cost: Freemium, prices start at $1/month for add-ons

Lastly, the final management tool on our list is ManageWP. ManageWP likes to boast about how everything is one click. One click logins, one click updates and one click management.

ManageWP really tries to emphasize on their “one click system”. They give you the ability to update all of your websites, clear spam and manage your comments all in one click. It also has the ability to give access to collaborators, making team and client efforts on managing your domains easy. Just like the other plugins on this list, ManageWP offers paid add-ons, such as backups, cloning, uptime monitors and automated performance checks.

If you like to give everything a try, we recommend that you give ManageWP a shot. It isn’t as feature rich as the first two, but it will still get the job done across your domains. The one click system is convenient, and easy to use. Overall, it’s not the best, but it isn’t bad either.


At the end of the day, any of the three above plugins are going to make your domain management so much easier. However, we at Bulk Buy Hosting are fully behind the use of MainWP. We’ve used all three on this list, but MainWP holds strong and true for us.

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