“Starting From Scratch” Case Study – Income Report May 2016


Welcome to the third of the monthly income reports for the “Starting From Scratch” niche site case study. In these monthly reports, I’ll go through the income, traffic and rankings of the case study site. Monthly reports are important, not only to let you see how the site is doing, but it helps me to improve the site by analyzing the results. If you’re looking for more posts on what I’ve built and how, you can find them here.

Traffic & Visitors – May 2016

Unique Visitors: 48
Bounce Rate: 30%
Unique Visitors Sent To Amazon: 15
Conversion Rate to Amazon: 31.25%



In this third month since the site went live, we’re staying to see towards the end of the month that the site is getting a couple of visitors on a daily basis. Although the site is not yet ranking on the first page for any of the target keywords, it would still be ranking on the first page for very obscure queries that are covered in the site’s content.

I expect traffic in June to be fairly similar to last 10 days of this month, with a small trickle of visitors coming to the site on a daily basis.

Amazon Earnings – May 2016

Items Sold: 2
Items Shipped: 2
Total Amount Sold: $39.83
Commission Earned: $1.59
Average Visitor Value: $0.14
Average Item Commission: $1.59



As I predicted from last month, sales for this month are still rather low, because the site is not yet ranking for its target keywords. Rankings have improved steadily across the month and the site is starting age a little, so I’m hoping that during June we’ll see a couple more sales.

I expect the sales for June to still be fairly low – hopefully between $10-$20 worth of commissions.

Rankings – May 2016

Top 3: 0
Top 10: 0
Top 100: 15
Not in Top 100: 1



Rankings have improved steadily during month 3. The main target keyword for the site has been steady on page 4 for the month, and some of the smaller terms are on page 3 right now. Now that the main link building campaign has finished, the site should slowly pull upwards to page 1 over the coming months.

Overall Spend & Earnings

Build Cost: $952

Earnings March: $5.71
Earnings April: $4.84
Earnings May: $1.59

Expenses March: $0 ($36.90 for first month’s hosting on Bulk Buy Hosting and Vultr were included in initial case study expenses)
Expenses April: $36.90 – Bulk Buy Hosting & Vultr VPS server.
Expenses May: $36.90 – Bulk Buy Hosting & Vultr VPS server.

What’s Next?

At the end of June, once I have the Amazon reports for the full month, I’ll share my next post showing the traffic and earnings for this site.

If you have any questions about what I’ve covered so far, or feel that I haven’t covered any specific component in enough detail, please leave a comment on this post – I’ll been answering reader questions in the comments.

I should see a few more sales during June now that it seems that I’m getting daily visitors, and it may take up to 6-8 months for the site’s rankings, traffic and earnings to plateau and stabilize.

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    I have read all the posts of this case study and it seems interested to outsource almost everything. Good to know about your service.

    Was wondering about the June Income report. Didn’t you post it yet?

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