Make sure your PBNs aren't toxic

PBN Testing Service

LaunchCDN clients can order from our PBN Testing service at a reduced cost. Usually $99, reduced to $59.

Our PBN testing service includes:

  • We monitor the ranking improvement for a link from your new PBN
  • 500 words per article of handwritten unique content to suit your blog
  • Keep your money sites safe from potentially toxic PBNs
  • White label report with ranking graph from test keyword tracking

Here is the process of how we test a domain:

  • We find a page on similar site in your target niche that has not received a new link recently and is currently ranking on page 2-3
  • The test target page is added to a rank tracker to monitor it for the target keyword for a few days to make sure that it has stable rankings
  • A piece of content written to add to your PBN that includes an exact keyword match anchor link to the test target page
  • We monitor the movement on that page for our test keyword, to see if the rankings improve, remain the same or decrease
  • Once the test is concluded, you’ll get our analysis of the domain as well as the ranking graph for the test subject

You can signup for a Bulk Buy Hosting account or order PBN Testing directly through this form.

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