PBN Site Builder

Bulk Buy Hosting customers get access to our integration with PBN Builds. You can simply order website design builds straight from your dashboard from $40/site – a 33% saving over their regular list price of $60.

Most website builders who offer this sort of service will charge $150+ for each site build. At Bulk Buy Hosting, we are focused on providing meaningful value additions to our platform which is why we can offer this service at such a low price.

The process to order a website is very simple, while in your dashboard you can bulk order using the “Order PBN Builds” button or click “More” on the individual website and “Order PBN Build”.

Our PBN builds include:

  • High quality premium themes and plugins
  • Well designed logos
  • High quality stock images and videos
  • Custom handwritten content
  • Archive.org leveraged content
  • All default pages

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