Introducing the “Starting From Scratch” Niche Site Case Study

Case-Study-HeaderHi there! My name is Kevin Graham from Bulk Buy Hosting and I’d like to welcome you to my post series entitled “Starting from Scratch: A Niche Site Case Study”.

This is a case study in which I will share with you my processes for buying a prebuilt niche web site, performing search engine optimisation on the site and making some money from the site before selling it to an investor.

I’ll be writing everything in this case study to be as beginner friendly as possible, however if you’re a seasoned veteran of the niche site game, I’m sure you’ll pick up a few new ideas and tricks along the way.

If you follow the process that I outline in this case study, then you too can have your own profitable niche site.

The Details of the Case Study:

For this case study, I’m bringing in some help from two of my good friends, Josh from Hammerhead Domains and Dom from Human Proof Designs.

Josh’s service, Hammerhead Domains, is the perfect spot for people looking to build a powerful network of web sites as part of a cost effective SEO strategy.

Dom and his company, Human Proof Designs, provide custom built, keyword researched niche web sites that are ready for you to plug in your own SEO and link building strategy.

Though I am good friends with both of these guys, you can still do everything that I’m doing in this case study because I’m using the very same services that they are offering publicly on their web sites.

In brief, these are the four steps that I’m going to be following:


To explain that in a bit more detail:

This case study will run for 6-12 months. This will include weekly posts for the first 1-2 months, and then switch to monthly updates on rankings, traffic and earnings after the site is built.

  1. Buying a pre-built Amazon affiliate web site from Human Proof Designs. This saves time in doing keyword research as well as hiring and managing high quality writers to create a site. This makes this case study great for both beginners and experts looking for ways to scale their business.
  2. Using Hammerhead Domains to find 15 expired domains that are openly available for registration with NameSilo and NameCheap that are spam free and have good metrics. I’ll be using the Pro membership so that I get access to more domains each day with higher metrics.
  3. Hosting the domains that I find from Hammerhead on an account with Bulk Buy Hosting. The easiest and safest way, I believe, to host a network of sites.
  4. I’ll earn a commission every time someone visits my site, clicks through to Amazon and buys something. Amazon pay up to 8.5% on all purchases made through your affiliate links to their site. This adds up quickly when people buy multiple items (even if they’re un-related) after clicking through from your web site.

I’ll be posting a series of detailed posts that cover exactly what you need to do for those four steps above, so that you can follow along, learn more about getting a web site to rank and follow my process, using all of the tools that I do.

Goals for the Project:


Why am I doing this case study?

I’m writing this case study for two of my good friends, a recently married couple in Australia who want to start their own online business so that they can travel and work online from anywhere, much like I do now.

As an added bonus (a lot of effort goes into these case studies), I get to promote three very good services, which I stand by 100%. My own service, which is Bulk Buy Hosting, as well as the pre-built sites from Human Proof Designs and the expired domains tool at Hammerhead Domains. If all goes to plan, we’ll also get to say hi to the awesome guys at Empire Flippers, Justin and Joe.

This case study has been designed to share the exact steps and process to follow to buy and rank a web site that makes $500-$1000 per month, with an initial investment of less than $1000.

Click here for Week 1 Update

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  1. Hi, Just landed from EmpireFlippers. Eagerly waiting for the case study updates. Hope to learn a lot from your resources 🙂

    Wishing you luck!

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